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At Briggs & Riley we do what many consider unthinkable these days. We listen. Travelers depend on us to design bags around real-world needs and wants. If it doesn’t make sense, change it. If it doesn’t work, fix it. Your happiness is our source of pride and we do our best to exceed your expectations.

Here’s what our customers have to say...

Worth the Wait! I am so glad I made the investment in Briggs & Riley luggage. I did a lot of comparison shopping and talked to travel professionals. I’m on my first trip with my new bags and they have outperformed my expectations so far. Very light, very easy to wheel. And I’m glad I got the olive—so much classier than boring black!

- S. Bingham.

I love Briggs and Riley. I travel a lot for work, so having a trusted bag that comes with me is very important. My dad is a career pilot and swears by Briggs and Riley, so I bit the bullet and bought the carry on last year. I've taken it on 20+ trips and it's a dream. I just ordered the medium upright for our two-week trip to Europe this summer. It also has the expandable bag technology, which is a lifesaver when you are bringing more home than you left with!

- Mara T.

Three years ago I purchased the large Torq spinner, and in subsequent years the carry on and then the medium. I travel quite a bit, and have gone through a lot of luggage. Torq has ended the purchase of new luggage. This is pricey stuff, but well worth the cost. My Torq bags have taken a beating, and are still going strong. I've never been so pleased with luggage---certainly not moved to write a company about it. But that's what I'm doing. It's a great product, I've gotten much out of using your bags. For this reason I will remain a loyal customer, or at least as long as you make such quality products.

- Josh G.

I wanted to express a deep gratitude for the quality of humanity provided by your employees while servicing my bag. More specifically, the honesty and accountability of Rob Bettencourt and Chuck Scheper who both took it upon themselves to reach out to me when they found over $1,000 of forgotten cash in my bag. I feel truly blessed to have my faith in humanity supported in ways such as this. With warm regards and respect.

- Adam D.

Best bag, take it from a road warrior. Great Service.

- Mike

I purchased my first Briggs and Riley carry on bag something like 28 years ago. It has served me extremely well over time, even if the zipper pulls broke off, and the corners got worn with rough handling. Well, finally on a somewhat recent trip, the extender bar broke, and while I had hopes of getting it repaired, I did realize it was probably time to get it replaced. I went to the luggage store where I bought the bag, and had them return my old bag to you for possible repair, and purchased a new, replacement bag. In a couple weeks, they called me to say that my old bag was repaired and ready for pickup. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that my old bag would be in the incredible shape you restored it to! Now my biggest dilemma is which carry on bag to use on a trip! Because I love them both! Thank you for being the best! A customer for life!

- Michael G.

I sent my bag in for a repair and Briggs & Riley got it back to me very quickly. It's been a useful bag: it looks as good as new and it's good to have it back. Thanks for an excellent job!

- Randy P.

In this day in age when few products last very long your bags not only last, but when they need attention your customer attention is the best.

- Richard F.

This is just to congratulate you on your lifetime guarantee. One of my valued Briggs & Riley bags was damaged by an over-zealous coach driver on a trip from Geneva airport to Val d'Isère recently: the handle would no longer retract. On our return to the UK we took it to your UK repair centre, K2 Global in Maidenhead, and to our amazement and delight they fitted a new trolley system in less than 10 minutes, with no charge. Having been somewhat skeptical about the lifetime guarantee, we were hugely impressed to find that it really worked. Many thanks to you and K2 for such wonderful customer service.

- Alastair A.

I received my 20+ year old B&R bag back from bring repaired and you even cleaned it for me. Thank you so much! There are very few companies with this kind of customer service these days.

- Ronnie L.

My wife, Julie recently picked up a repaired bag. The gentleman who took care of us could not have been more helpful and pleasant. The workmanship of the repair was excellent. The bag repair and particularly how we were treated by the gentleman who took care of us made the decision which we made some years ago to buy a complete set of your luggage a very wise choice. In fact, after arriving back at our Pleasanton home, I decided I needed a new bag. The next day we went to a local shop and I purchased one of your large bags. I did not even look at a competitive brand. Your warranty and how well we were treated at your shop made all the difference.

- Hal N.

I purchased one of your garment bags many years ago and have traveled the world with it. I had it fixed several times at a luggage shop in Norwalk Ct near my home for rips and a bent handle. Recently I brought it in again to the luggage shop and they told me it was too far gone for them to repair and they needed to send it back to your home office for repair. Shortly thereafter I was contacted by your office and told it could not be fixed and they would be happy to provide a credit to be used for a different bag or they could send me a new bag of similar style ( #174) for no charge. I requested a new bag and received it today to my delight. Pat DiRusso, your Repair Claim Processor could not have been more accommodating throughout the process. It is rare when a company stands by its products these days. I commend you for running such a wonderful organization.

- Ken Y.

I just wanted to say thank you for the way in which you resolved the issue following irreparable damage to my Torq suitcase during a flight. A new suitcase was received within a week of the report. The contacts with the repair company and an employee from your UK office were clear and timely. All arrangements were made without fuss and all worked together (the UK logistics company you used was the best we have come across). We have now added to our collection of Briggs & Riley suitcases and will continue to recommend them to anyone who asks.

- Duncan R.

I just wanted to say thank you for making such a lovely product. It was worth every penny! I use these rolling briefcases almost every day and have destroyed 3 before I realized I had to buy the best. Carry on the good work!

- Andy M.

I am a Managing Director / General Manager for a major Fortune 500 company. I need to travel internationally every week. Many times, I am traveling into Developing / Undeveloped countries. I have used your Baseline range of products throughout my career. If this isn’t a testament to the quality of your luggage, I don’t know what is. I only use Briggs & Riley because of your proven quality and ability to stand behind your products with your lifetime warranty. Any premium piece of luggage will cost a premium. Loyal followers will build up their inventory of Briggs & Riley products over the years for one obvious reason…… they last!

- Roger L.

Your rolling cases are truly indestructible -- inside and out!I am writing to report an airport incident that occurred yesterday. I put my bag down at the top of an escalator and, as the steps moved, the case was pushed down the full flight of escalator steps. At the bottom of the steps, I picked up the bag - not only was the outside in perfect shape but the inside -- with full laptop computer, ipad, and nook -- were all perfectly fine! Thank goodness for the remarkable safety/security/protection features built into the case! Thank you!!

- David K.

I have just returned from a 32 day trip to NZ and Australia carrying my Briggs & Riley 21 inch baseline expandable (olive) case plus one carry-on. I, of course, did laundry but once again found this case more than sufficient to handle all of my clothing needs including many evening invitations where somewhat formal attire was needed. I am now passing on this trusted case to a friend who has asked for it and have ordered a new one for me. This will now be my 3rd purchase of this case and my husband is traveling with his 2nd same case. I believe this testimonial says it all...

- Claudine D.

I wanted you to know that Chuck S. has been an incredibly helpful resource to me for many years. During travels when something unexpectedly happened to one of my bags, for example, he arranged miracles for me to get it repaired and proceed happily on my overseas trip. This is only one example of many. Probably most importantly he is a very nice person and gives Briggs a wonderful image of brilliant customer service. Over the years even though I have not met him in person I feel that we have indeed become good friends. Everyone else I talk with in the Briggs network tell me the same thing about Chuck, including most recently Eric and Mary at Luggage Doctor here in the Denver area who have been a dream to work with. So I am a tremendously happy camper not simply because of the great quality of your product but importantly because Chuck is like a guardian angel who is always available to be of service. You (and all of us) are very lucky to have him in our lives.

- David Z.

I took my B&R laptop backpack/shoulder bag to your local repair center to have the shredded backpack straps replaced. Because the model has been updated and the strap buckles changed, no new straps exist and my old strap was shredded beyond repair. The bag is in great shape but using it w/only the shoulder strap was not tenable. Before buying a brand new bag, I sent it directly to you just to see what would happen and a new strap magically appeared just a few weeks later. Thanks for going the extra mile and for the incredible way you honor your guarantee!

- Tony P.

I received my bag a few days ago, and wanted to commend you for the outstanding job you did repairing my carry-on. The handle to my bag had been problematic for years, but I never made the time to send in my bag. And when I finally did send it in for repairs, I had been expecting only the handle to be fixed. You went above and beyond all expectations and put my bag back in top shape (fixing zippers, replacing zipper pulls, etc.). Kudos to your team for the fantastic customer service. I have raved about my luggage since I bought it long ago, and now have even more reason to do so! Thank you very much!

- Valentine D.

I just received back my Large Shopping Tote which I sent to have the water bottle holder made larger to hold the larger bottles you find at the airport. Chuck S., the warranty service manager, took care of the repair and Luis actually did the sewing of the repair. I just want to say what a wonderful job they did, fixing it and returning it to me so quickly. Just outstanding customer service!!! Thank you so much.

- Janet Y.

I just wanted to thank you for the extraordinary service I just received on my bag that was sent in for repair. You replaced the handle with a newer model that fixed my major complaint with the bag ( I was told I would get the old style!) as well as fixing and replacing other items that were not even reported. I have used this bag for 14 years and hundreds of trips. For the cost of shipping, I feel like I just got a new bag. My big Delsey suitcase is on its last legs, rest assured it will be replaced with a Briggs and Riley. Thank you again from a thrilled customer!

- Lucy Q.

I just want to thank you for the wonderful job the repair center did on our bag. You stand by your promise - it was fixed even better than I had expected. This is why we continue to own your products and tell others about how wonderful they are.

- Donna D.

I would like to express my deep satisfaction at the great after-sales service I received from your company. Some time ago I purchased a bag pack and recently tore part of the back strap. I don't believe that warranty covered the expense to have the strap replaced since it was not due to some fault in the product. I was impressed when I received the strap only a few days after my request and free of charge. Outstanding customer service. Thank you. I know what my next piece of luggage or bag will be.

- Paul C.

I own four pieces of Briggs & Riley luggage and several pieces have 1 million and nearly 2 million miles of travel on them and are still performing well. But for this feedback I wanted to let B&R know how impressed I was with the service I received from Stephanie P. - it was superb! One of the wheels on my roller bag was broken off during a flight from Singapore to London. I was going to be traveling from city to city for the next two weeks throughout Europe and had no way to get it repaired whilst on the road, a real problem. Stephanie was able to arrange for a wheel and associated parts to be expressed to my home in California where my wife will be leaving on Thursday to join me in London and therefore could bring the part and I could do the repair myself. Great thinking, great solution, great service! This is the kind of service, combined with the lifetime guarantee that will ensure I never buy any travel bag or luggage other than Briggs & Riley. Thank you for a real solution that saved me a real headache.

- David F.

I am absolutely thrilled with the repairs to my travel bag and have been showing it to my colleagues. It has a lot of sentimental value to me as I begin my final year before retirement. It was my "travel companion" on many nights away from my family. It always carried my most essential tools but, more importantly, it helped me stay “grounded” emotionally by being a physical link to home. The fact that you honor a lifetime guarantee is amazing. It's the kind of commitment I'm fortunate to have with my wife and children, but only rarely outside the family. I'm impressed with your company's values. Now that it's back in hand and in great shape, I'm ready for my next challenge. We've both weathered a bit over the years, but we're both still capable of getting the job done.

- Frank S.

Just flew my one millionth airline mile. Mostly all domestic. All with one Briggs & Riley bag. May be getting another one soon. Zippers finally falling off! Great product. Amazed what that bag went through.

- John M.

I just wanted to thank you for your amazing service. I have a slim briefcase that has given me years of service and finally the zipper succumbed. What an amazing surprise to find that you will replace the product because it cannot be repaired. A very welcome spot of excellent service in a world that has forgotten it. And by the way, I have now purchased two other of your pieces so it is indeed an approach that works in terms of win-win.

- Stephen A.

The first 4 years of business travel proved to be one headache after another when it came to my luggage. Tears, broken zippers, searching for a new suitcase in the middle of a business trip, on and on the problems came. Then I bought my first Briggs and Riley and now 5 years later and 5 trips around the world and hundreds of thousands of miles I have nothing but praise for my luggage. I have become a 'salesman' for Briggs and Riley at many luggage claim areas when broken suitcase come down the shoots with zippers popped open, handles broke or the sides tore. My business partners have replaced their Tumi's and every other inferior product with B & R. There is no better luggage. A customer for life. Thank you B & R, keep up the good work.

- David L.

A couple of months ago I sent a bag to be repaired - RA Number 565417. I was very surprised to receive the latest brand new version of the bag a couple of weeks ago. I had heard Briggs stood by their lifetime warranty, but it was great to see you actually do. The new bag included all of the changes I would have made to improve the bag, which is great. I own several of your bags and briefs and have no plans on buying bags from anyone else in the future. I just want to say thank you very much for the new bag and standing by your warranty, it is greatly appreciated. Take care.

- Harry L.

I just wanted to thank you for your amazing warranty service. Today I received my beloved carry-on back from your New York repair center (Repair No. 572649), and was delighted to see that you had taken care of all the things that were broken, and even upgraded the system for attaching a second bag to the more robust SmartLink (also, thanks for recognizing that there was room for improving on the QRS buckle design). I have owned countless Tumi, Zero Halliburton, Samsonite, Boyt, and Delsey bags / cases, but thanks to your awesome warranty and outstanding service honoring that warranty my Briggs & Riley carry on has outlasted them all. I realize the lifetime warranty policy must be relatively expensive for Briggs & Riley to maintain, but I just wanted you to know that it is greatly appreciated. As long as you have it I will continue to be a customer, and will espouse the benefits of Briggs & Riley ownership wherever the opportunity presents itself.

- John S.

Just got back from my cross-country trip with three new Briggs & Riley bags I just bought. The durability and functionality are, in my terms, in the finest class. I know several people that own Briggs & Riley luggage and have had little to no repairs done on their bags at all. If so, there’s a lifetime warranty that backs the bag up like no other brand on the market today! Thanks, Briggs & Riley, for putting that high style edge on my travel experience!!!

- Chris J.

I own several B&R Baseline bags that are entering their fourth year of service. Recently, an airline apparently dropped a checked bag from height (perhaps off a conveyor) and broke the internal plastic support frame (all contents were fine). My travel schedule didn't allow several weeks to ship the bag to the closest repair shop, but I am fortunate to have a handy husband who has done minor repairs for me. Dona in customer service graciously arranged to ship the part, it arrived, we replaced the strip and the bag is ready to go again. A fabulous product backed up by excellent customer support.

- Julie M.

When I purchased my 27' B&R suitcase about 15 years ago, I really did not think about the warranty...but after the abuse of 250,000+ air miles started to show, I went to the website to see where I might be able to get the bag repaired. At that time I saw that the repairs may be covered. I got the RMA number and sent the suitcase off to the repair station. When the repair was done, I was amazed. New zippers, reinforced corners, holes patched, and handles repaired. The suitcase has a new life and it didn't cost me a cent. This bag is ideal for my travels and I am so glad that I don't have to replace it. Huge thanks to B&R and you can be sure that my next new bag will also be from Briggs & Riley.

- Larry G.

I sent my computer bag-- otherwise known as my office-- for some repairs after 4 years of many miles/flights. Not only did the service department repair the bag, they replaced the wheels and other components that needed replacing that I was not aware needed replacing. They did a great job. The best part, the part that has earned my undying loyalty to B&R, is that I forgot to unload my favorite sunglasses when I shipped the bag for repairs, but when the bag was returned, so were my sunglasses. What can one say about that? When you purchase a B&R piece, you are getting an honest value for the money, and when you have to have the piece repaired, it is being repaired to the best of their ability by honest people with integrity. We all know that with most other companies, this would not have happened. Thank you so much for the great work and mostly for your integrity in returning my belongings.

- M. Lebeau