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We’ve heard the frustrations of travelers carefully packing their bags then discovering a wrinkled mess after arriving at their destination. 

So we created the Outsider® handle, which delivers a flat packing area and more space, so your clothes stay the way they were packed.

We’ve seen the hassle of removing watches, keys and jewelry and emptying your pockets into those unsightly grey bins. 

So we designed our Speedthru™ pocket to securely store personal items for easy access at security checkpoints, a feature on each and every carry-on we make.

As privacy becomes increasingly important, it is essential that your personal information remains private. 

So we created the easy access HideAway™ ID tag to conceal that personal information.

We’ve seen how difficult traveling as a family of four on vacation can be, with everyone carrying their own luggage. 

So we designed our SmartLink™ system which allows you to effortlessly transport two or more bags at once.

We love what we do. 

Every email, phone call and Facebook post is an opportunity for us to go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure happy travels. It's what we thrive on.